Darwinism Encourages Conflict And is The True Cause Of Terrorism


De Volkskrant, one of Holland’s largest dailies, carried a report headed “The Atlas of Creation” on its web site on 24 February, 2007. The article in question referred to the life and work of Harun Yahya:

Atlas of Creation, written in English and consisting of 788 glossy pages, has recently been sent out to schools, teachers and students in Holland. This work, based on Islamic thought, rejects evolution because it has declared war against the Qur’an.
According to this book, Darwinism encourages conflict between societies because it thinks that might is right (‘the survival of the fittest’): for that reason, Darwinism ‘is the true cause of terrorism,’ as it is of all other evils. The book also says, ‘This is important evidence that evolution never happened’ and ‘Allah has created human beings, animals and the world. Life did not arise by way of evolution.’ The author of the book is Harun Yahya, and its publisher is Global Publishing in Istanbul...
Under the headline ‘Harun Yahya / An Invitation to the Truth’ the web site says:
‘This invitation is a totally non-profit, idealist enterprise. The writer himself does not seek or make any financial gain from the books he has written. Nor those who contribute to the design, publication and the distribution of these books, or the documentary films, audio recordings, graphic designs based on these books seek or make any financial gain. In the same spirit, this web site gives free access to all the books written by Harun Yahya and other materials inspired by his works.”

The author says this about himself on his web site:
‘Harun Yahya is a pen name used by Mr. Adnan Oktar. Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar is a prominent Turkish intellectual. Completely devoted to moral values and dedicated to communicating the sacred values he cherishes to other people, Oktar started his intellectual struggle in 1979 during his education at Mimar Sinan University"s Academy of Fine Arts. During his university years, he carried out detailed research into the prevalent materialistic philosophies and ideologies around him, to the extent of becoming even more knowledgeable about them than their advocates.

As a result of his accumulation of knowledge, he has written various books on the fallacy of the theory of evolution. His dedicated intellectual effort against Darwinism and materialism has grown out to be a worldwide phenomenon. Quoting from the 22 April 2000 issue of New Scientist, Mr. Oktar became an "international hero" in communicating the fallacy of the theory of evolution and the fact of creation. The author"s intellectual struggle against materialism and Darwinism has frequently been mentioned in such mainly evolutionist publications as National Geographic, Science, New Scientist and NSCE Reports. The English and German editions of the November, 2004, issue of National Geographic referred to the author"s works concerning the Fact of Creation. ...’

In a strongly worded article about East Turkestan and critical of China, Harun Yahya says:

‘As Mao himself confessed, the most important ideological support of the communist regime in China is Darwin"s theory of evolution. In his book China and Charles Darwin, the Harvard University historian James Reeve Pusey describes the great influence of Darwinism in China and how it prepared the intellectual foundations of communism.’ ...”
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