The Impact Of The Atlas Of Creation In The Economist Magazine

The 19 April, 2007, issue of The Economist, regarded as one of the world’s most important economics magazines, carried a report titled “Evolution and Religion.” The report considered the evolution debates that have been taking place for many years and studies of Adnan Oktar on the subject of evolution, particularly his “Atlas of Creation.”

The report noted that the center of this intellectual struggle, which had been focussed on America for many years, has now moved to Turkey and the works of Adnan Oktar, and went on to say:
The debate over creation and evolution, once most conspicuous in America, is fast going global
The “Atlas of Creation” runs to 770 pages and is lavishly illustrated with photographs of fossils and living animals, interlaced with quotations from the Koran. Its author claims to prove not only the falsehood of Charles Darwin"s theory of evolution by natural selection, but the links between “Darwinism” and such diverse evils as communism, fascism and terrorism. In recent weeks the “Atlas de la Création” has been arriving . . . at schools and universities across French-speaking Europe. It is the latest sign of a revolt against the theories of Darwin, on which virtually the whole of modern biology is based, that is gathering momentum in many parts of the world.
. . . Translations of Mr Oktar"s work into tongues like Arabic, Urdu and Bahasa Indonesia have ensured a large following in Muslim countries.
. . . across the Muslim world he seems to be riding high. Many of the most popular Islamic websites refer readers to his vast canon.
. . . the debate over creation, evolution and religion is rapidly going global. Until recently, all the hottest public arguments had taken place in the United States, where school boards in many districts and states tried to restrict the teaching of Darwin"s idea that life in its myriad forms evolved through a natural process of adaptation to changing conditions.
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