The Atlas Of Creation Has Had A Huge Impact In All Of Europe

The website of Radio Netherlands, which broadcasts in Holland, carried a report concerning the giant Atlas of Creation, by the author Adnan Oktar under the pen-name Harun Yahya, which has provoked an enormous world-wide reaction in a very short space of time. The report by Nicolien Den Boer contained the following expressions:
[In the wake of France] Here in the Netherlands, some schools have also reported receiving free copies of the book, The Atlas of Creation.
Evolution biologist Gerdien de Jong of the University of Utrecht received a copy of the Dutch translation of The Atlas of Creation, Part 1. The book . . . weighs around three kilograms . . . Several of her colleagues also received a copy. . . .
The book was written by Turkish author Harun Yahya. . . The atlas, which consists primarily of coloured plates . . . attempts to discredit Darwin"s theory of evolution. According to the author, this theory, which is taught at nearly all Western universities, is responsible for all the evil in the world, including international terrorism.
The Atlas of Creation claims to prove evolution never occurred. "People did not evolve from other species", the book says, "they were truly created".
Science journalist Arno van "t Hoog of Bionieuws, a news magazine for biologists, has also examined the book. He explains what author Harun Yahya"s theory is based on:
"This school of thought does not deny that the earth is millions of years old, but argues that animals and plants were once created and remained unchanged for millions of years thereafter".
2008-01-06 03:29:16

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