Qur’an-based Creationism

In its 29 March, 2007, edition the French-language daily La Croix, printed in Paris and with a circulation of around 100,000, once again carried a report concerning Atlas of Creation. Titled "New Attacks on Darwinism," the report noted that activities opposed to the theory of evolution were intensifying. It referred to a conference held by Christian scientists on the subject of “Creation versus Evolution” and to the broadcasting by a French television channel of a documentary “opposed to the Darwinian theory that recognizes only chance and natural selection.” With regard to the Atlas, the report said: “In February a large number of schools and universities received a work suggesting that evolution never happened. (See, La Croix, 6 February, 2007)… As the author states, the creationism in that work was based upon the Qur’an.” 

2008-04-15 14:17:33

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