Belief In Creation Is On The Rise And Growing Stronger

The 26 June, 2007, edition of Le Monde, one of France’s most prominent dailies, again discussed Atlas of Creation. The report in the paper, which enjoys a readership of 400,000, referred to creationist views being discussed at the Council of Europe, to evolutionist views being considered equivalent to Stalinism, Nazism and terrorism, and to creationist ideas being “on the rise and growing stronger.” The report said:

The creationist movement that appeared in the second half of the 19th century sets aside the theory that species evolve by way of natural selection and maintains that the world was created by God… The latest attack in France came in February; According to the report, an Atlas of Creation was sent out to schools from Turkey, one of the main centers of Islamic creationism… The Atlas is intended to show that evolution is a deception while creation is the truth…


2008-04-15 14:19:20

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