The Ambassador Of Creationism

On April 5, 2008, the Belgian daily La Libre Belgique once again referred to Adnan Oktar"s Atlas of Creation. The report in question described how Adnan Oktar, referred to as the “Ambassador of Creationism,” had come across a number of serious unlawfulness as a result of his work opposing Darwinism, communism and the Freemasons. It then went on to provide the following information about the Atlas:

“Adnan Oktar, known as the professor in his own country, is best known for Atlas of Creation, published by him under the name of Harun Yahya and which strongly opposes Darwinism and evolutionist theses. Oktar has distributed this Atlas to schools and universities, particularly in Belgium… The absence of intermediate fossils shows that evolution from species of animal towards human beings never happened. In the author’s view, this theory is responsible for terrorism and inequality between human beings.”


2008-04-28 13:35:56

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