The Next Generation Of Teachers Refuse To Teach The Theory Of Evolution

In a report titled “The Next Generation of Teachers Refuse to Teach the Theory of Evolution,” Le Soir, one of Belgium’s most widely read French-language dailies, discussed teachers’ reactions to Darwinism, in the wake of the reactions of students:
“There is no doubt that Darwin has not pleased everybody. In Belgium today, the instructors of the future (biology students, student teachers etc.) appear undecided over the teaching of the theory of evolution. They prefer creationist theses saying that a Superior Being directs the universe and the appearance of living things. This alarms some school principals and governors. The Liberal parliamentarian Philippe Fontain called for a meeting with the French ministers of education Christian Dupont (PS, Education) and Marie-Dominique Simonet (CDH, Higher Education)…
Ministers Dupont and Simonet express their unease on the subject and insist that primary school inspectors play a pivotal role. Laurence Perbal, however, says “inspectors cannot be everywhere all the time.” In 2007, Minister Arena issued a decree calling on teachers to be on their guard against the famous ‘Atlas of Creation.’ Under the banner ‘A Call to the Truth,’ Atlas of Creation, written by Harun Yahya, openly rejects the theory of evolution.

As Christian Dupont says, teachers may sometimes be inept in the face of such a situation. Three researchers from ULB (Brussels University) were awarded 138,000 euros by the French Union. The aim behind the award is to enable surveys to be conducted in a large number of schools, to determine the scale of the phenomenon, and to acquire a deeper understanding of these creationist theses… Some future biology teachers display serious deficiencies with regard to the theory of evolution. Some even refuse to teach the subject at all…”

The Belgian government imagined it had taken an appropriate precautionary measure by banning Atlas of Creation. However, having observed the increasing rise in the numbers of people believing in creation over the course of 2007 it now intends to take precautions by determining the impact of the book and setting aside a hefty budget for the purpose. However, the Belgian public have finally learned the truth that was hidden from them for many years, and have concluded that the theory of evolution is a deception. The Belgian government was first faced by student reactions, and is now facing resistance from teachers. Yet despite all these reactions, the Belgian government is still trying to have the evolution deceit taught in schools. It is clear that this approach, the result of ideological concerns, can bear no fruit. Thanks to Atlas of Creation, the theory of evolution has collapsed, never to be raised again.

2008-05-19 11:49:58

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