Belief in Creation is Making Rapid Progress

La Libre, a Belgian daily, noted the rapid spread in the country of belief in Creation on 14 March, 2008. The report, which described the sending to Europe of the Atlas of Creation as a "barrage of fire," and went on to say that “large numbers of young people are falling victim to these theories and make no secret of the fact.” It called on evolutionists to initiate a counter-offensive in the face of “the urgency of the situation.” Those materialist-Darwinist circles that are so alarmed by the rise in belief in creation are seeking to keep the theory of evolution alive for ideological reasons. With the Atlas of Creation, however, the facts have spread to far to be capable of conceakment with distortions and demagoguery.

The report in daily La Libre went on to say:

The creationism is making rapid progress. There is no doubt that certain religious groups are having a huge impact in this sphere. We must remember the Atlas of Creation that was sent out to French schools last year. In this brick-like 800-page-volume the author, a Turk who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, takes the Qur’an as his basis for rejecting the theory of evolution.

2008-07-12 13:15:35

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