The Fact Of Creation Continues To Spread Ever Wider

A report dated 14 March, 2008, on the web site of Le Monde, one of France’s most widely read publications, once again evaluated the powerful impact of the Atlas of Creation. In the report, the Atlas of Creation was again described as a “threat” by defeated evolutionists because of the change in belief it had brought about in the French public:

Prof. Brunet recalls the Atlas of Creation by the Turkish author Harun Yahya, which came out last year and reject Darwin’s discoveries, and says that “prevention is better than cure” in the face of the threat posed by the creationist movement.

The number of people in France who currently believe in creation is continuing to rise day by day. Having seen the true facts, the French public have entered a new age of “Enlightenment” thanks to the Atlas of Creation. Evolutionist attempts to regain their lost prestige are therefore all in vain. Because the truth is continuing to spread ever wider in a manner than cannot be prevented.

2008-07-10 15:17:04

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