A High-quality Campaign By A Turkish Creationist Scientist

The Belgian daily Le Soir has carried a large number of reports about the Atlas of Creation in 2007 and 2008. A report titled “The Mystery of the Red Book” in the 5 March, 2007, issue referred to the Atlas in these terms:

 A High-Quality Campaign by a Turkish Creationist Scientist

One is stunned on opening up this imposing book: a tough  …  rejection of evolution.

Adnan Oktar, a far-off creationist Turkish scientist who writes under the name of Harun Yahya, made himself known to the scientific world in France and Belgium in a matter of just a few weeks…

Since the end of January Harun Yahya has been sending out copies of the very high quality book titled the Atlas of Creation, published by Global Publishing, to French and Belgian universities. The 770-page book is lavishly illustrated, adorned with passages from the Qur’an and is intended to demolish Darwin’s thesis of evolution… The author maintains that evolution never happened and that Darwin is responsible for all the evils of the 20th century, and even the September 11 attacks.

…In the conclusion to the book he writes, “Living species and life on Earth were created by God…” His books, published on top-quality glossy paper and translated into 57 languages, are also available free of charge on the Internet. His writings are published on more than 100 websites. There seems to be no limit to the works of Harun Yahya.

According to Murat Daoudov, an independent Turkish expert, “the despatch of large numbers of the book signifies a challenge to Western evolutionist theses. Thanks to its powerful marketing, the book is known to large numbers of people in Europe and have thus come to enjoy considerable esteem in Turkey.” Daoudov, who has established contact with Harun Yahya’s foundation, believes that this man of science will continue to be the subject of debate in the future with new despatches to new target countries. Watch this space.

2008-07-10 16:03:30

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