Muslims In Belgium Are Defying Darwinism

Le Soir, Belgium’s largest French-language daily, recently carried a report titled “Can Muslims Boycott Biology Classes?” The report in question set out the ideas of 3 Muslim speakers at a forum held at Brussels University and referred to the recent increased opposition to Darwinism from Muslims in Belgium. In addition, Muslims views were canvassed by asking them, “a 770-page, lavishly illustrated work printed in glossy paper called the Atlas of Creation, written by one Harun Yahya, is currently doing the rounds in a number of schools what is your opinion on the subject?” One of the speakers, who described the book as “stunning,” went on to say:

“I came across a Harun Yahya shop on a trip to Istanbul. It was selling this encyclopaedia. The whole shop sold only this author"s works.”

2008-07-10 16:17:54

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