Darwinists Are in A State Of Shock in The Face Of The Scientific And ideological Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution

L"Avenir, Le Jour and Le Courrier, newspapers published in French by a Belgian media company, carried a report titled “A Holy Alliance against Creationism” in their 29 April, 2008, editions. The full-page report discussed a meeting held regarding teachers in Belgium who refuse to teach the theory of evolution and are boycotting the education system.

The meeting was held in the Belgian province of Namur and attracted more than 350 professors of biology and philosophy. Darwinists described their unease at the rise in numbers of people supporting creationist belief and their inability to respond to questions from students in evolutionary terms. At the meeting, held with the aim of “teaching” instructors unable to defend the theory of evolution in the face of the fact of creation, teachers were told how to behave towards creationist ideas.

Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation was described as provoking panic among Darwinist teachers and encouraging them to initiate an educational “mobilization:”

"Written by Adnan Oktar [under the pen-name Harun Yahya] the Atlas was sent out to universities in April 2007 and spurred [Education Minister] Marie Arena into action, convincing her of the need for education.”

The report went on to say:

"Is there really a danger in our schools? Florence Hosteau replies: ‘This is an important problem for our society. The Council of Europe has passed a resolution on the subject. Significant funds have been set aside by the University of Ghent for the defense of the theory of evolution.""

Materialist and Darwinist circles, behaving just like disaster victims, are now seeking to take precautions against the collapse of Darwinism by adopting utterly hopeless methods. They are trying to defend the theory of evolution by setting aside funds and organizing educational activities. However, the collapse of Darwinism has been made a certainty as people come to believe Atlas of Creation. Anyone scanning just 3 or 4 pages of the Atlas will clearly see the invalidity of the theory of evolution and will be convinced by the evidence that Allah created all living things. No-one reading Atlas of Creation without any preconceptions will be able to be deceived by the falsehoods of the theory of evolution.

The problem facing evolutionists is not one of being unable to get the theory of evolution across or to set aside sufficient funds. Evolutionary propaganda was imposed upon huge swaths of the population as an indisputable scientific fact for decades. What people were unaware of was “the fact that science supports creation.” Once these facts had been set out in the Atlas, in such a clear and honest way that even a primary school student could grasp them, all Darwinist strategies and ruses collapsed.

The discussions held by professors regarding their unease at the loud proclamation of the invalidity of the theory of evolution reveal them to be in a state of psychological collapse. The circles in question are literally in a state of mourning for Darwinism.

2008-07-10 18:26:40

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