A High-quality Campaign By A Turkish Creationist Scientist

The 13 September, 2007, edition of JydskeVestkysten, a Danish daily with a circulation of 100,000, devoted a whole page to a report concerning Atlas of Creation. The report included a picture of biology teachers examining the Atlas, and went on to say: 

... Adnan Oktar, himself a Turk, has published books under the pen name Harun Yahya. The aim of his struggle is to reveal that Allah has created all things, right down to the very finest detail, and that the theory of evolution is a deception...

High school teacher will use the disputed book in class

In June, high school teacher Jørgen Hvitved received a copy of this much discussed book that refutes Darwin’s theory of evolution. Hvitved, who teaches biology at the Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF school, said,“This is the most attractive book I have ever seen,” as he leafed through its pages.

This book, which questions Darwin’s theory of evolution, was sent out to the school’s seven biology teachers in June this year… [Jørgen Hvitved] was delighted to receive the book and will use it in biology classes on the theory of evolution. "I shall tell my students that there are other ideas about evolution… There are millions of people in the world who believe in Creation, and my students need to be aware of this,” says Hvitved… “This is an extraordinarily beautiful book…”

Adnan Oktar has written many books defending Islam under the pen name Harun Yahya.

Jørgen Hvitved and his wife both have interest in biology. The disputed book has also provoked debate among people in Hunderup, near Bramming.

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