Atlas Of Creation That Aims To Obliterate The Foundations Of Materialism

A report dated 24 November, 2007, in Le Soir, Belgium’s most widely read French-language daily, referred to the European Council report on creationist belief, and said this about the Atlas of Creation:

Another form of creationism comes from Turkey and the BAV. Its founder and honorary president, Harun Yahya, is the author of the Atlas of Creation, the first volume of which has been sent to thousands of schools in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. He denies not only the evolutionary mechanism proposed by Darwin, but the whole phenomenon of evolution…  He seeks to demolish the foundations of materialism. He defends the idea that the moral values and the reality   should be based solely on the Qur’anic moral values…. His main aim is … to establish peace between societies.

2008-07-11 23:02:33

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