Harun Yahya On The Front Line In The Fight Against Darwinism

On 12 March, 2008, International Relations and Security Network (ISN), a Zurich-based international affairs and security news portal attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, carried an article evaluating the rise of creationist beliefs in Turkey. Dorian Jones’ article in ISN, which provides information for eminent international research institutes, think-tanks and government agencies, said this about Harun Yahya: 
The Science Research Foundation, established in Turkey, is a part of the Harun Yahya group and stands in the front line in this fight to have creationism taught in schools.

The leader of the foundation Adnan Oktar told ISN that: “Evolution is a theory in a state of scientific collapse. Countless branches of science such as genetics, microbiology and palaeontology reveal the invalidity of the claims of Darwinism.” He then proceeded to say: “The reason for the continued support for evolution is the ideological nature of this defeat. Science reveals that life and the universe represent the artistry of God.”

Oktar’s group have been handing out copies of the Atlas of Creation. This 700-page-book, which is introduced to be scientific, is extremely heavy and luxuriously produced. It says that Darwinism is “wrong” and that “God created the world.” The Atlas has also been sent out to schools and universities in France, England and Scotland. One copy was also sent to the ISN.

Harun Yahya’s supporters produce creationist DVDs on a regular basis and hold conferences in Turkish schools. Brightly coloured and vivid exhibitions of various fossil specimens are held in large shopping centres across the country, accompanied by the message that “God created the world.” Well-dressed young people hand out brochures warning that Darwinism “confuses children’s minds.”

Oktar"s statement to ISN Security Watch read:

"Our scientific activities revealing the falsity of the theory of evolution are having a huge impact all over the world. Twenty years ago 80% of people in Turkey believed in evolution, whereas nearly 90% now believe in creation.”

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