The Collapse Of Darwinism Related In The Charles Darwin Hall

A report in the 23 February, 2008, issue of the British daily The Guardian, which enjoys a circulation of 400,000, dealt with a conference on “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution,” held at the University of London. The fact that the conference was held in a hall devoted to the memory of Charles Darwin was described as “an effective blow” by creationists. The report then went on to say:
For the creationist movement, it must have seemed the most miraculous of coups. The British venue for an assault on the theory of evolution was none other than a prestigious hall bearing Charles Darwin’s name, built on the grounds of his former London home.

Flyers on the event, The Collapse of Evolution theory, began to circulate this week, with the location highlighted as “in the very building dedicated to Charles Darwin, on the spot he once lived”.

... The speakers represent Harun Yahya, a creationist organization which claims there was no Stone Age, that God taught parrots to talk, and that Darwinism is the root of all terrorism and must be eliminated.

The talk was arranged by University College London’s Islamic Society as a part of Islam awareness week. When university officials heard how many people were expected, they offered up the Darwin lecture theatre…
2008-07-19 19:43:26

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