Harun Yahya’s islamic Creationist Book Has Now Appeared in Scotland

In an article dated 7 April, 2008, Tom Heneghan, one of the world famous news agency Reuters’ senior correspondents, referred to the appearance in Scotland of the Atlas of Creation. The article appeared under the caption “Harun Yahya’s Islamic Creationist Book Has Now Appeared in Scotland” and went on to say:

Remember Harun Yahya"s Atlas of Creation, the lavishly illustrated Islamic creationist book that first turned up in Turkey, then France and other European countries...Its now being mailed to universities in Scotland, the Sunday Herald there reports: 

“I find it quite staggering” said Aubrey Manning, emeritus professor of natural history at the University of Edinburgh. He houses his seven copies in a cupboard in the zoology department’s staff room. “Every academic I know says they’ve got one of those.”...

Since the last time we wrote about Oktar, he has given interviews to several news organisations from Muslim countries. Here’s one with Al-Jazeera (video in Arabic, text in English) and several other news groups.
2008-07-19 19:53:38

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