The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Spain

El Periodico, a Spanish daily, carried a report about Atlas of Creation in its 29 March, 2007, edition. The report in the paper, which appears in Spanish and Catalan language editions and has a circulation of 150,000, was titled “Barcelona University professors receive a mysterious book against Darwin” and said:
“It is emphasized in the foreword of Atlas of Creation that ‘none of Darwin’s claims have been verified by any scientific experiment.’ Immediately afterwards appear prehistoric fossils such as salamanders and ferns; but these are identical to present-day specimens. This shows that ‘life forms on Earth have never undergone the slightest change, and never transformed into others.’ And it concludes: ‘These fossil specimens are sufficient to demonstrate that the theory of evolution is one of the greatest jokes and one of the greatest frauds of the history of science.’

According to statements by Francisco Javier Casado from the central library, one of the recipients of the book, this volume is 800 pages long and luxuriously printed, and contains illustrations and photographs of an extraordinary high quality in which all possible colors are employed. This book was mysteriously received by at least 11 professors last month, from different departments within the Biology Faculty of Barcelona University. The same thing had happened in France the month before, although on that occasion thousands of books were sent out, not just to universities and research centers, but also to institutes.

… The really surprising thing is that the author of the book, Adnan Oktar who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, is a Turk who holds Muslim faith… According to the author’s thesis, species have never undergone any change because they have all been created in a perfect form (although some have become extinct). ‘Creation is a fact,’ proclaims the author.

The shipments to the Barcelona University began in February. Says Casado: ‘the first volume was delivered to the library, but within a few days others began arriving at other departments.’ Packages with the names of the professors written on them… The volume also contains an audiovisual CD that summarizes the book’s content.

The dean of the Biology Faculty goes on to say: ‘The Atlas is spectacular, with an exceedingly luxurious appearance and visually perfect photographs, and with all colors being used… Were it to be placed on the market it would not be sold for any less than 150 Euros.’ The first 500 pages of the volume contain lavish photographs from all branches of zoology; the sections are particularly devoted to fossils. ‘The final third section, which contains most of the text, states that evolution is false because it contradicts the essence of faith. That easy,’ says Casado.

The book contains impossible evolutionary designs, like human heads with tentacles and men with four legs, and other photomontages. …

Large numbers of the volume recently arrived at French schools, and even caused the authorities to intervene. It appears that between 1,000 and 2,000 were sent out…

The volume that arrived at the library will be kept. ‘It can be interesting, with regard to the great information it offers about fossils, and especially in respect of analyzing the arguments employed against Darwinism’ says Casado...

The book alludes to ‘secret links between evolutionism, fascism and communism.’

One can see that the Atlas seeks to ‘denounce the hidden connections between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism;’ but the most surprising thing is the sentence underneath a picture of the September 11 attacks: ‘Those who perpetuate terror in the world are in fact Darwinists.’

Darwin’s postulates revealed by Yahya are ‘the foundations of modern terrorism.’ And it concludes: ‘We hope that the evolutionists will stop resisting and admit the facts that everyone so clearly sees. The fact revealed by science is that evolution is false.’”

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