Harun Yahya’s Gratifyingly Post-modern View Of Archaeology

Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, which has provoked an enormous response from all over the world, was the subject of a report in the June 2007 issue of Antiquity, a widely known archaeological journal, which enjoys a wide scholarly and academic readership. Martin Carver, the editor of Antiquity, which is printed in Britain and has subscribers all over the world and is also found in numerous university libraries, says in his editorial:

And in November 2006 the creationist cause acquired a new ally when the Turkish Muslim intellectual Harun Yahya launched his Atlas de la Création. This 770 page lavishly illustrated tome (promised as the first of seven) used ‘living fossils’ to prove that God directly created the world with all its species and blamed Darwin for everything from Nazism to terrorism. In February this year ... copies of the Atlas were mailed to thousands of French schools.

Yahya has a gratifyingly post-modern view of archaeology; it shows that nothing much has changed and life on the Savannah was ... similar to everywhere else today.

The way that evolutionist scientists have been unable to respond to the Atlas of Creation, which has come as an earthquake in Europe especially since 2007, leaves them in a helpless and despairing position. Carver notes this state of affairs in his editorial, and continues with a passage taken from Harun Yahya’s book A Historical Lie: the Stone Age:

“In the supposed period described by evolutionists as the Stone Age, people worshipped, listened to the message preached by the envoys sent to them, constructed buildings, cooked food in their kitchens, chatted with their families, visited their neighbours, had tailors sew clothes for them, were treated by doctors, took an interest in music, painted, made statues and in short lived perfectly normal lives. As the archaeological findings show, there have been changes in technology and accumulated knowledge over the course of history, but human beings have always lived as human beings.” (Harun Yahya, A Historical Lie: the Stone Age)... Yahya is even happy to cite a 40.000 year old flute as proof that man did not evolve from something more primitive...

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