Denmark’s Minister Of Education Supports The Atlas Of Creation

In its 26 April, 2007, issue the Danish daily Jyllands Posten carried a report titled "Haarder: Anti-Darwinist Book Can Be Taught in Schools." The report, in Denmark’s most popular daily newspaper with a circulation of 150,000, concerned the Danish Education Minister’s support for the Atlas of Creation. The report said:

“Science teachers can use this book by Muslims in classes. Education Minister Bertel Haarder said the illustrations in particular could be used.

Education Minister Bertel Haarder is relaxed about the distribution in Denmark of the anti-Darwinist book the Atlas of Creation. Unlike the French education minister, who issued a warning over the book in February, Haarder sees no reason to warn the country’s educational institutions.

In his view, the book can be used in schools. Bertel Haarder also said, ‘The book contains excellent illustrations of fossils, and those science teachers who wish can easily make use of them.’

A large number of scientists, members of Parliament and a high school recently received free copies of this magnificent, 765-page book from the publisher in Istanbul.

… The book suggests that Darwinism is responsible for terrorism, and much else besides, and that Islam is the only solution to the disputes in the world...

According to the minister’s statement, science teachers can happily bring the book into class and discuss its content and illustrations.

… Scientists from the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus yesterday described the book as dangerous propaganda.

Martin Henriksen, the (DF Party) member responsible for education, asked the education minister for an investigation into how widely the book is being taught in the education system...”

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