Echoes Of The Atlas Of Creation In Denmark Still Continuing

The TV SYD television channel, which broadcasts in southern Denmark, reported developments concerning the Atlas of Creation on 11 September, 2007. The report described the Atlas as “an extraordinarily large, beautiful-looking book,” and went on to say:

... The book called the Atlas of Creation has the signature of the Turkish Muslim author Adnan Oktar, and is a response to Darwin’s theory of evolution. The book contains hundreds of photographs of fossils, is large in size and almost 800 pages long.

This summer the striking book in question has been sent out to universities to France and America, as well as to researchers, politicians and science museums... Adnan Oktar’s theses are widespread and very popular in the Arab world.

As well as clergymen, a group of TV SYD staff members and the channel manager also received the mysterious book...

2008-10-05 01:02:38

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