The Atlas Of Creation: The Reference For Muslim Creationists

Politiken, a Danish daily with a circulation of 210,000, carried a full-page report headed "Islam is questioning Darwin." The report in question noted the responses to teachers of the theory of evolution from their students and the changes taking place in Europe with the arrival of the Atlas of Creation. The report stated that creationism had been “restored to strength” following the distribution in Western countries of the Atlas of Creation:

Peter C. Kjærgaard, who teaches the history of ideas and is one of the country’s experts on Darwin, usually provides statements about the theory of evolution. In the meantime he usually encounters biology teachers and high school teachers who are finding increasing difficulties in teaching evolution. Religious students regard the theory as an attack on their religious cultures.

Peter C. Kjærgaard says: "Christians and Muslims have an unbelievable amount of propaganda materials … The theory of evolution is regarded as the equivalent of the worst of Western culture.”

Christian and Muslim creationists believe that life, the Earth and the entire universe were created by a Divine power... This message is set out in the Islamic Atlas of Creation, by Turkish Harun Yahya, which Muslim creationists regard as a reference.

Last year this work was sent out to politicians, researchers, teachers and the ordinary public across the world: thanks to it, Muslim creationism was restored to full strength. The book unequivocally repudiates Darwinism and holds it responsible for Nazism, terrorism and racism.

... Jesper Mebus, president of the Association of Danish Biologists, which brings together biology teachers from high schools, teacher trainer colleges and universities, is aware of the problems being faced from the classes he teaches at the Sankt Knuds High School in Odense. He admits that it is hard for some of his colleagues to deal with the situation...

2008-10-14 21:06:11

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