The Theory Of Evolution In The Cross-hairs

El Correo, one of Spain’s leading dailies, is just one of the dozens of papers to cover the arrival of the Atlas of Creation in Europe. The paper, which has a circulation of 120,000 carried a report titled “To Defend Darwin” on 13 February, 2007. The appearance of the Atlas in countries where Darwinism predominates caused an enormous panic. They announced a full mobilization and issued calls to save Darwinism at all costs. The report described developments in the wake of the Atlas of Creation:
“Publishers and scientists are officially being called for action in the face of the creationism that is increasingly making its presence felt across the world.
Who could say this? The theory of evolution (in essence the idea that human beings are descended from apes), one of the cornerstones of education, is now in the cross-hairs... The international scientific community decided to intervene in order to defend Charles Darwin who, in contrast to the view held by religious believers, accounted for the world’s species in terms of natural selection…
Courageous and Powerful
Enrique Bristle, a geneticist from the University of Seville, says, … ‘(Creationists) have very broad social support… They are very courageous, because they have strong and significant characters and use means of mass communication.’
An Offensive against France
... The French education minister was obliged to issue a warning for school principles to avoid the Atlas of Creation that refutes Darwinism in the name of the Qur’an.” 
The calls, prohibitions and precautionary measures described in the article reveal in full clarity the destructive effect of the Atlas of Creation on Darwinism. The way that the Atlas of Creation affects anyone who reads, who even only briefly looks at or hears of it has been greeted with concern by Darwinist circles. The arrival of the book in Europe has caused a psychological defeat. Indeed, it is understood from the rest of the report that the Atlas caused excitement even in countries which the Atlas had not reached yet, but probably eventually would:

“According to a report published in Le Monde nine days ago, at least 2000 copies of a luxuriously bound, red book by the Turkish author Harun Yahya were sent out to educational institutions, universities and mass communications media in France. The book has also been distributed using the same means in Turkey and the United States of America. Italy, Canada, Great Britain and Germany will be receiving it in the near future.”

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