Atlas Of Creation In Le Monde

In February 2007, Le Monde, France’s most important daily, carried various reports dealing with The Atlas of Creation. One such report, by Hervé Morin and published on 3 February, 2007, considered the impact of The Atlas in France. In summary the article contained the following statements:
Thousands of copies of an incomparable work have been distributed in recent weeks. The name of this work is The Atlas of Creation, Volume I, and it has been distributed to schools, university centers and educational archive centers. It comes in a large format and consists of 800 lavishly illustrated pages and was authored by Harun Yahya. The conclusion of the book, written and published in Turkey, is crystal clear: “Creation is a fact” and “evolution is a fraud.”
(…) Unlike Christian creationists, Harun Yahya accepts that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old. But he concentrates on the similarity between fossils and present-day species in order to state that evolution never happened and that creation is a fact. The author constructs his fundamental logic on the Qur"an and concludes: "Wherever we turn, there is the Face of God.”
(…) The Science Research Foundation (SRF), of which the author is the honorary president, was described in 2001 by Science magazine as “one of the world’s strongest antievolution movements outside of North America.”
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