"indonesian Muslims Are Preparing To Greet The Golden Age"

On 6 September, 2008, the official Indonesian news agency Antara carried extracts from an interview with Adnan Oktar in Istanbul. Antara, which publishes in Indonesian and English, carried the interview under the heading "Harun Yahya: "Indonesian Muslims Are Preparing to Greet the Golden Age":"

The Turkish intellectual Dr. Adnan Oktar, known across the world by his pen-name Harun Yahya, says that Indonesian Muslims must prepare themselves to welcome the Golden Age within the next 10 years. 

During a private interview with Antara in premises on the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday he said: “If you are united and not divided, then Indonesia will be the center, insha’Allah, of the Islamic Renaissance in Asia. We are carrying out the same ‘renaissance’ for Europe in Turkey.”

Harun Yahya is a respected Muslim intellectual who plays a fundamental role in the struggle to spread Islam in Turkish society. 

"Islam is already on the rise in Turkey, and of course in Indonesia," he said.

(Representatives of) Harun Yahya visited Indonesia two years ago for the International Islamic Intellectuals Conference and witnessed the powerful understanding of Islam in Indonesia and the growth in its practice... Harun Yahya, who has written hundreds of books and prepared many DVDs about Islam and whose works have been translated into many languages, said, “The party atmosphere in your country at present still seems to be divided, but insha’Allah a union for Allah will emerge.” 

The foundation’s website attracts 5 million visitors every month.

He emphasized the importance of Muslims in Indonesia, Turkey or anywhere else in the world engaging in a struggle for power by democratic means, not through terror, violence and anarchy. He also said that, “Islam is compatible with democratic principles” and suggested that “we struggle through democratic means.”

He went on to say that following the attacks of September 11, 2001, “Islam will rise again within the next 10 years.”

"Most of the Muslims favor moderation and peace. Terror and violence are not the spirit of Islam,” he said.

But radicalism and terror merely lead to an increase in fear of Islam in Europe and Western country. The government model of 500 years ago in the Ottoman Empire can put an end to the West’s fear of Islam and to their paranoia regarding Islam and Muslims. Throughout their reigns the Ottoman sultans always treated Christians and Jews with great tolerance, he said.

Indonesia and Turkey can play a significant role in defeating terror and overcoming the fear of Islam in the West. They must wage a campaign in order to prevent prejudice and misunderstanding in these problems.

Dr. Harun Yahya said, “Our mission is for the West to understand Islam correctly, not wrongly.” 

2008-11-08 11:21:25

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