The British Public Want Creation Taught In Schools

The web site of The Evening Standard, published in the British capital London, ran a public opinion poll asking, "Should creationism be taught in schools?" The results of the poll, held in October 2008, showed that 73% of the British public answered “yes, creation should be taught in schools.

It would see that the theory of evolution, the teaching of which in schools is compulsory, has finally lost public support. Although the theory of evolution is protected at state level, and pressure is put on adherents of creation, who may even be forced to resign their posts, the British public has had the final say regarding the Darwinist dictatorship; the British want all ideas and beliefs to be capable of being expressed freely and democratically; they want a society in which the imposition of a one-sided education has come to an end and are saying that they want “creation to be taught in schools.”

2008-11-08 11:32:34

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