"harun Yahya; Possesses The Valuable Ability To Produce Electric Shocks"

The French engineer Cyrille Baudouin and biologist Olivier Brosseau have published a book called “Are Creationists a Danger to French Society (Les créationnismes Une Menace Pour La Société Française?), which analyzes the spread of creationist beliefs in France. A large part of the book is devoted to Adnan Oktar"s Atlas of Creation, which has stunned the country. The Atlas of Creation has dealt a body blow to Darwinist-materialist philosophy, which the French have been striving to keep alive for hundreds of years. The Atlas of Creation first led to nationwide surprise, and then to panic. The only reason why a book that consists of illustrations of fossils and contains only scientific evidence should be regarded as “a danger” is that the Atlas of Creation is “very effective,” as they put it.  Many references in the book emphasize the powerful effect that the Atlas of Creation has had. Some of these expressions are as follows:
Harun Yahya and the Atlas of Creation Affair

In January 2007, an 800-page, lavishly illustrated book called the Atlas of Creation was sent out to hundreds of French high school principals, libraries and university academics. (This is the first volume in an intended series of 7, the second and third volumes of which will be ready for distribution in February.)

An Offensive Launched from Turkey

... An offensive involving the whole planet... One of the best known authors of the Islamic world. Yahya founded the Science Research Foundation... One of his main aims is to entirely remove the theory of evolution from the Turkish education system...  Yahya’s works are distributed by 4 bookstores in Paris and one in Lyon. But the Internet is the most effective means of spreading his works and ideas.

Indisputably the Most Effective International Communication

Harun Yahya International – The main structure of all his web sites is esthetically highly successful, very well designed and technically very high quality, and some of his sites have even been translated into tens of languages. They provide books, articles, audio slide shows and photographs that delight the eye and are easily downloaded over the Internet (for example, the entire text of the Atlas of Creation is available), and these are also for sale. This is set out on the web site: "Harun Yahya is the name of an invitation to the truth. This is an idealist and non-commercial initiative. Similarly, the author expects no material reward for the books he writes. In addition, nobody in the preparation, publishing and distribution of his books, documentary films, audio cassettes or the images in the books makes any material gain out of them, either. This site provides free access to all material based on the works of Harun Yahya.”

Harun Yahya, An Invitation to the Truth; Following large numbers of people enjoying access to the first volume of the Atlas of Creation on the web site Home Page, three-dimensional images of newspaper reports appearing in France, Belgium, Holland and the United States of America is being published...

This giant work has evoked a huge global response and, as the Foreign Press has put it, has “created an ideological earthquake in every country to which it has been sent...” Yahya"s "Global Impact" web site contains articles from the press, letters of thanks, letters of support and information about activities across the world.”  

... One Catholic forum site sent the following message to one of Harun Yahya’s web sites (www.evolutiondeceit.com): "Today there are terrorist groups spread out across the world. The militants who make a great part of these are people who have been exposed to Darwinist, materialist education. These people, far removed from religious moral values and who have turned into bloodthirsty monsters, imagine they will never have to account for themselves or be punished. That is why Darwinism poses such a danger to the world..."
There can be no argument that with the internet, the ideas and amazing activities of those whose ideas oppose the theory of evolution have accelerated enormously. The web sites are highly developed and are of such a kind that can attract everyone (especially young people) to them...

In conclusion, Harun Yahya’s operation is capable of making education institutions in France aware that they are not prepared to face the Creationist offensive, and possesses the valuable ability to produce electric shocks. 
French people who realize that everyone who reads the Atlas of Creation or even looks at a few pages of the book on the internet, will be greatly impressed by it, are opposed to it. The shock and amazement being experienced by the French, as well as by other European countries, are confirmations of the effect and power of persuasion of the Atlas of Creation and of its unalloyed success in demolishing Darwinism. The Atlas of Creation is one of the greatest scientific developments of the 21st century, has told the people of Europe it is now time to bid farewell to Darwinism and has, in their own words, literally “conquered the continent.” 

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