Harun Yahya is The Loudest Voice in The Debate Over Evolution in The islamic World

In its 12 December 2008 issue, the well-known magazine Science carried an article titled "Bracing for Islamic Creationism." The article emphasized the high levels of rejection of the theory of evolution in the Islamic world. It then went on to draw its readers’ attention to the works of Harun Yahya in connection with this development in the Muslim world:
Early in 2007, biologists and anthropologists at universities across the United States received an unsolicited gift of an 850-page, colored Atlas of Creation, produced by a Muslim creationist, Adnan Oktar, who goes by the pen name of Harun Yahya (Science, 16 February 2007, p. 925). The atlas was a timely notice that, although the last couple of decades have seen an increasing confrontation over the teaching of evolution in the United States, the next major battle over evolution is likely to take place in the Muslim world (i.e., predominantly Islamic countries, as well as in countries where there are large Muslim populations). … In addition, there already exists a growing and highly influential Islamic creationist movement. … His [Adnan Oktar’s] organization, based in Turkey, has produced anti-evolution documentaries, hundreds of pamphlets, and books and has made them available for download, free of cost, from his Web site (www.harunyahya.com). … At the present time, Harun Yahya is the loudest voice in the debate over evolution in the Islamic world…

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