Creationist Ideas Continue To Expand Their Sphere Of Influence

Tribune de Genève, the daily published in the Swiss canton of Geneva, once again raised the impact of the Atlas of Creation on 6 February, 2009. Published in French and with a readership of 175,000, the paper referred to the effect of the Atlas of Creation in the words "Switzerland has not been spared this ‘invasion’.” The cover story went to on to describe the heavy blows made Darwinism suffer in Europe:
These days CREATIONIST IDEAS... CONTINUE TO EXPAND THEIR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE... TURKS ARE LEADING THE MUSLIM WORLD (in activities against the theory of evolution). Since 2007, a weighty book (around 8 kilos), the Atlas of Creation, written by a Turk called Harun Yahya, whose real name is Adnan Oktar... seeks to prove with photographs of fossils that evolution never happened. 

A SERIOUS OFFENSIVE AGAINST DARWIN IS TAKING PLACE. This Turkish group leaves nothing to chance. Adnan Oktar, a most extraordinary character, has great strength...

IT IS NOW THE TURN OF EUROPE, which was for long unaffected by these movements, TO BE AFFECTED BY THE CREATIONIST WAVE FOLLOWING THE APPEARANCE OF HARUN YAHYA’S BOOK.  For example, one of these countries is Britain; many conferences have been held in both state schools and universities in Britain.

Creationist views now have the wind in their sails. AND SWITZERLAND HAS NOT BEEN SPARED THIS ‘INVASION’.”  In 2007, creationist theory appeared alongside the theory of evolution for the first time in school text books... The campaign of the opponents of evolution does not seem likely to end soon. 

European countries unable to withstand the devastating impact on Darwinism of the Atlas of Creation, are one by one surrendering Europe to Creationist belief.  (For details, see The Collapse of Darwinism in Europe)

2009-03-09 15:44:04

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