Darwinism is The Root Of Terrorism, islam is The Antidote

The Tehran Times, Iran’s first English-language daily, published an interview given by Adnan Oktar to Kourosh Ziabari on 9 February, 2009. The paper, which attracts more than 10,000 visitors to its web site every day is one of the main sources the international press rely on for news out of Iran. (You can read the full text of the interview here.) The interview published in the paper appeared under the title "Harun Yahya: Darwinism is the root of terrorism, Islam is the antidote." Mr. Adnan Oktar"s reply to a question about the reasons for the moral collapse taking place in the 21st century read:
Muslims are generally unaware where the troubles are coming from. In fact, people in the world as a whole are unaware of the essence of the matter. When I investigated it I saw that Darwinism lay at the root of all this suffering, trouble, violence and pain as there would be no materialism without Darwinism.
Darwinism is essential for materialist philosophy and without materialism there can be no communism, fascism, imperialism, savage capitalism, nor immorality nor terror. These are all inter-related, but because people are ignorant of that, they fail to grasp the importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism.

“Why is it so important, why do you concentrate on it so much?” they say. Atheism is active right across the world, hurting and literally damning people. But they do not look for the root cause. Yet Darwinism is the foundation of irreligiousness, of all atheist ideologies, and thus of all these troubles. I have gone right to the root of the matter and struck at the root of atheism in my work. It is this that lies at the heart of Darwinists’ own suffering and the savagery in the materialist universe. In other words, by Allah’s leave, I have severed the jugular, the main artery of atheism. As Darwinism has collapsed, materialists have of course lost their respect for their own beliefs. It is no longer possible for people to be materialists. That is why, if Muslims want to fight atheism, they must wage an intellectual struggle against the religion of atheism.

They can make use of the www.harunyahya.com web site for that. They can download all the books, documentaries and articles on the site free of charge and make use of them. They must raise their own knowledge, understanding, culture and reveal the invalidity of Darwinism one by one with scientific evidence. You will then see that all these problems you listed will disappear. The truth will come and falsehood will vanish, insha’Allah.
2009-03-09 15:53:18

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