Notes From Andrew Marr"s interview With Adnan Oktar

On 22 February, 2009, The Mail on Sunday, one of Britain’s most popular newspapers with a circulation of over 2 million, carried a preview of Andrew Marr"s BBC2 film "Darwin"s Dangerous Idea" to be shown on BBC 2. The presenter on the film, Andrew Marr, set out his ideas that arose before his meeting with Adnan Oktar:
“... Millions of Muslims, as well as Christians - half the people of Britain, according to one survey - reject Darwin"s teaching. One author even asserts Darwinists were responsible for 9/11.

... Another place we visited was Istanbul, where TURKISH AUTHOR ADNAN OKTAR has some claim to be AMONG THE MOST INFLUENTIAL CREATIONISTS ON THE PLANET.

He argues that Darwinism is by its very nature a violent creed because of its insistence on the importance of conflict or struggle.
For this Muslim, who wants to convert Europe to Islam, the 9/11 terrorists "were in reality Darwinists".”

(You can watch the full interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar, here.)

2009-03-23 22:47:17

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