Belief In Creation In Europe Continues To Grow Thanks To The Atlas Of Creation

On 27 February, 2009, the weekly international magazine Science, published in the USA, carried as report titled “Creationist Beliefs Persist in Europe.” The report stated that various instances of the rise in Creationist belief in Europe had been cited at a conference held in the German city of Dortmund. The report noted the great change in Europe in the wake of the Atlas of Creation. Some of the developments at the conference, which emphasized that evolution is in its death throes, were reported as follows by Science magazine:
“INDEED, CREATIONISM REMAINS ALIVE AND WELL IN EUROPE, according to researchers gathered here [Germany] last week for a conference on the state of European science education and European teachers" attitudes toward and knowledge of evolution. European educators haven"t yet conducted regionwide surveys, but SNAPSHOTS FROM GERMANY, TURKEY, AND THE UNITED KINGDOM presented at the meeting SHOWED THAT CREATIONIST NOTIONS ARE MORE PREVALENT THAN RESEARCHERS HAD EXPECTED...

Even the birthplace of Charles Darwin is struggling with evolution... "CREATIONISM IS ON THE RISE IN THE UK," says James Williams, a lecturer in science education at the University of Sussex. ...

... CREATIONISM IS EVEN MORE DEEPLY ENTRENCHED IN THE MUSLIM WORLD, according to a study of teachers reported by Universite Lyon 1 researcher Pierre Clement. ... And TURKEY HAS ALSO SEEN A RECENT RISE OF AN ISLAMIC CREATIONIST MOVEMENT ...”

Fertile ground. Turkish creationist Harun Yahya’s antievolution tome went down well in parts of Europe.
2009-03-23 23:12:32

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