"the Theory Of Evolution Is A Satanic Trick"

The works of Harun Yahya, which have shown, in Turkey especially, how Darwinism is a deception, continue to attract considerable interest in both the national and international press. Le Figaro, one of France’s main dailies, covered the subject of “The collapse of Darwinism in Turkey,” which has recently entered the agenda once again. On 17 March, 2009, the paper ascribed the very high level of belief in Creation in Turkey to the activities of the Science Research Foundation, which it described as “An anti-Darwinist Muslim movement.” In summary, the report said this:
Adnan Oktar, known by the name of Harun Yahya, holds… conferences across the country, aimed at proving Creation... Harun Yahya’s efforts to attract people to his own faith (Islam) are not restricted to Turkey alone. In 2007, the French Education Ministry was severely alarmed by this Creationist offensive:  Schools had been sent copies of a work called the Atlas of Creation...  Written by Harun Yahya and weighing 6 kg, this luxurious work consists of 768 pages and makes use of a large number of illustrations, declaring that the theory of evolution “is a trick of satan’s.”
The concern over the Atlas of Creation in France undoubtedly reflects atheist and materialist philosophy’s concern over losing Darwinism, their supposed scientific foundation. But the ideological worries of those who have bound themselves to Darwinism are too late. Because the Atlas of Creation has arrived in Europe, and people have been convinced that living things never underwent evolution. It has thus been revealed, to the French and to all humanity, that Darwinism is nonsense. Today, we are witnessing the rapid spread of Creationist belief in Europe and clear proof of this.

…Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.
(Surat al-Isra’, 81)

2009-03-26 14:04:59

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