On Gaza With Adnan Oktar

Iran’s IRIB World Service, which broadcasts in 35 languages, carried an interview with Adnan Oktar concerning events in Gaza on 14 January, 2009. In the interview, Mr. Oktar emphasized the importance of Muslims being united and went on to say: "It is unlawful for Muslims to be divided. Unity is a religious obligation. Insha’Allah there will be an Islamic Union and that union will put an end to these scourges and tragedies, insha’Allah... What needs to be done is to seek unity from Allah, to be united and to desire Islamic union. And that is possible with the Islamic Union. We have to desire unity. We must passionately desire the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)... It is impossible for Muslims to be victorious unless they are united. We must seek Hazrat Mahdi (as). We must await the coming of the Prophet Jesus. There is no other solution.”

2009-07-19 14:43:23

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