Muslim Creationism is Becoming increasingly Visible And Confident


In its September/October 2009 issue, New Humanist magazine published by The Rationalist Association in England with atheist and Darwinists members including Richard Dawkins covered the worldwide anti-Darwinist works of Mr. Adnan Oktar. Despite the delusive libelous statements employed as a method of psychological warfare engaged by the freemasonry, the protector of Darwinism and materialism, they had to admit the worldwide effect of Mr. Adnan Oktar.

Some of the covert admiration statements about Adnan Oktar that are encountered between the lines are as follows:

"the world"s most prominent Muslim creationist"

"the larger-than-life figure of Harun Yahya"

"spokesman of Muslim creationism"

"representative of Muslim sentiment"

"alternative to radical Islam"

"modern Turkish-Muslim man"

"a player in global debates about the origins of life and the future of relations between Islam and the West"

"undoubted charisma (something even his most ardent opponents concede)"

"he provides a compelling vision of a superior Islamic science"

"a man of authority and influence, a man confident in his own importance"

Following the publication of Atlas of Creation, the British nation, for the first time, started to seriously query the evolution theory and, in the face of the cogent evidence, has been convinced of the fallacy of Darwinism. In the face of the solid and irrefutable evidence in Mr. Oktar’s works the theory of evolution has been utterly defeated and the whole world has witnessed this fact. It is said thus: "Muslim creationism is becoming increasingly visible and confident… Richard Dawkins himself recognises the impact of this new phenomenon: "There has been a sharp upturn in hostility to teaching evolution in the classroom and it’s mostly coming from Islamic students.""

Some other quotations related to the news is thus:

 “On scores of websites and in dozens of books with titles like The Evolution Deceit and The Dark Face of Darwinism…seems to have found its voice.”


 “Operating from Istanbul, Yahya is the founder of the Science Research Foundation, an impressive publishing empire that boasts more than 60 websites dedicated to his writings.”


"... where his stalls feature prominently at book fairs."


 “... he is treated far more seriously across the Muslim world. From daily newspapers in Egypt and Bosnia to influential satellite TV stations like al-Jazeera and (the Iran-funded) Press TV, to small Muslim broadcasters in the West like Radio Ummah and Radio Ramadan, Harun Yahya’s argument, with its appearance of scientific credibility, its crowd-pleasing critique of Western materialism and its promise of the imminent collapse of the “Darwinist Dictatorship”, is enthusiastically welcomed by a new audience..”


... Yahya is feted by extreme orthodox Sanhedrin Rabbis in Israel for his anti-atheism, and has ambitions to create a Turkish-Islamic union, a new Ottoman Empire girdling the world from Eastern Russia to Western Nigeria, which would unify the Islamic world under Turkish leadership.


In 1998 the Science and Research Foundation, the group Oktar had formed in 1990, launched its campaign against Darwinism… paving the way for the Atlas of Creation and Oktar’s new role as the spokesman for Muslim creationism.


Retired Senator Steve Symms, who described it as “a major influence for good among the younger population of Turkey” and praised its “commitment to democracy, preservation of national and moral values, and respect for law”.


Since then Oktar has become an ardent proponent of interfaith dialogue, attempting to unify believers of all stripes against the corrupting influence of Darwinism, which he now holds responsible for Fascism, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Most recently, he has been talking about the “Turkish-Islamic Union”…

For the May 3, 2008, issue of New Humanist, please see:

"Creationists are on the march in Europe"

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