"the Armenians Are Our Brothers And Friends"

On 30 April, 2009, the independent news agency ARM Info, which works together with other agencies such as Reuters, the BBC and RBS and has its own wide news network, carried an interview with Adnan Oktar conducted by Aram Gareginyan. Carried under the title "There Is No Regional Problem. On the Contrary, There is Friendship and Love," the interview was published in both Russian and English. During the course of the interview, Adnan Oktar emphasized that the Armenians had been embraced as the ‘loyal nation’ in the Ottoman Empire and that bonds of love and brotherhood would be strengthened once again with the founding of the Turkish-Islamic Union. (You can read the full text of the interview here.)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Armenians are our brothers and friends. The Armenian nation is a very noble one. Armenians are artistic, kind and pleasant people. We lived together, side by side, for centuries. We called them the Loyal Nation and were very fond of our Armenian brothers. They artificially split us apart. There is only one precondition for the resolution of all the problems between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, and that is love. There is nothing we cannot resolve, insha’Allah, if we love one another, treat one another with compassion and protect each other.We will embrace our Armenian brothers with love, eliminate the borders between us, and they will come and settle here as they wish…

2009-10-01 00:14:03

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