An Anti-darwin Movement

The 22 June, 2007, issue of Tribune de Genève, a daily published in the Swiss canton of Geneva, carried an article about the Atlas of Creation. The report stated that in addition to France and Belgium, Atlas of Creation had also been disseminated in Switzerland. The arrival in Europe of Atlas of Creation was described as an “anti-Darwin movement” in the report, which went on to say:

The counter-attack that criticized the theory of evolution has now landed in the Old World... The Council of Europe report says that schools are particular targets in the spread of the belief that the world and man were created by God... Let us make this clear, nothing could be more alarming than this; although the theory of evolution would appear to have put down deep roots in European culture... The result of a study carried out last year by Science magazine revealed that evolution is by no means in an unshakeable position in our continent.

The clear presentation in the Atlas of Creation of evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution and the growth of Creationist belief in Europe have been met by enormous panic. However, it is clear that the evidence of the existence of Allah cannot be concealed by any lie or superstitious belief. The reason behind this panic is that evolutionist fraud that has deceived people under the guise of science has now been brought out into the daylight in this giant work by Harun Yahya.

2009-10-01 15:54:04

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