Satan Has Deceived People By Darwinism

On 26 September, 2008, the Turkish Daily News, an English-language daily published in Turkey, carried a report in which it emphasized Harun Yahya’s activities in opposition to Darwinism, and said:

"Satan has deceived people by Darwinism” he told a Reuters reporter. “In fact nothing can be a product of coincidence, not you, not me not an orange, not Albert Einstein, not an apple. This is just satan’s deception... It is so obvious, but Darwinism was spread under the deception of satan. "

... In his Atlas of Creation, published in more than 10 languages, Oktar aims to prove that creation is the answer to the question of how life came into being and claims that "Darwinists concealed fossils that proved there have been no changes in animals’ skeletons." Oktar also says that Darwinism is one of the causes behind September 11 and the Second World War.

You can learn more about the disasters that Darwinism has inflicted on mankind from here.

2009-10-12 23:45:18

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