"muslim Creationism Is Back In The News"

On 16 November, 2009, Reuters news agency, which enjoys an international following and represents a source of information for 1 billion people a day, carried a report titled "Muslim creationism is back in the news, this time in Egypt." Tom Heneghan, from the Reuters Paris office, reported on his FaithWorld blog: 

Muslim creationism is back in the news. There’s been a spate of articles in the US and British press recently about the spread of this scripture-based challenge to Darwinian evolution among Muslims, mostly in the Middle East but also in Europe… Reuters first wrote about it in 2006 — “Creation vs. Darwin takes Muslim twist in Turkey” – and this blog has run several posts on the issue, including an INTERVIEW WITH ISLAM’S MOST PROMINENT CREATIONIST, HARUN YAHYA. WHAT’S NEW IS THAT THESE IDEAS SEEM TO BE SPREADING and academics who defend evolution are holding conferences to discuss the phenomenon.

There are too many recent articles about Islamic creationism out there now to discuss each one separately… New York TimesWashington PostBoston GlobeSlateGuardian… National… Beliefnet… MANY OF THESE ARTICLES HIGHLIGHT THE ROLE OF HARUN YAHYA… But as Michael Reiss, a London education professor and Anglican priest told the Guardian, “What the Turks believe today is what the Germans and British believe tomorrow… These things can no longer be thought of as occurring in other countries.”

2009-11-21 14:46:12

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