Evolution"s Classroom Crisis

The November 15, 2009, edition of the website of The Guardian newspaper, a left-wing British daily, carried a report titled, "Evolution"s classroom crisis." The report on the web site, which attracts some 20 million visitors a month, went on to say: "Surveys show that, around the world, teachers and students are rejecting evolution. The results are likely to be dire." For Darwinist-materialist circles to regard these results as “dire” clearly reveals how the mask of Darwinism falsehood has dropped and the panic with which these findings have been received. This panic, which began with Harun Yahya"s Atlas of Creation, is growing by the day with the spread of the signs of the fact of Creation and the exposure of Darwinist frauds. Indeed, the global collapse of Darwinism was once again heralded in this report:

... They showed to what extent evolution was accepted among students and teachers in Muslim-majority countries. Not much. But then the US was no better, observed Rosenau. It languished in the bottom five of industrialised countries accepting evolution. The others were Turkey, Cyprus, Latvia and Lithuania.

In Indonesia there was open resistance, said Wiles [from the Evolution Education Research Centre (EERC)]. The leader of one student body objected to EERC"s very presence on campus. "Don"t give the survey here! How can you believe we are from apes?" he cried. The students rallied behind him. MOST OF THE INDONESIAN TEACHERS SURVEYED USED THE WORKS OF HARUN YAHYA IN SCIENCE CLASSES...  all Egyptian biology teachers [surveyed] opposed evolution.

Nidhal Guessoum intervened to say that ISLAMIC CREATIONISM was … not the same as US creationism, WHICH WAS PEDDLED BY HARUN YAHYA.
2009-11-21 21:29:30

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