Rethinking Darwin

Islamonline, founded by the Egyptian Muslim scholar and one of the most frequently visited Islamic sites, carried an article titled "Rethinking Darwin" on 13 March, 2009. The article emphasized how the theory of evolution commands little support in the Islamic world, and described the impact of Adnan Oktar’s activities against Darwinism as follows  :


Then there is the vastly prolific Harun Yahya (pen-name of author Adnan Oktar) who has published several glossy tomes aimed at discrediting evolution as an unsupportable theory and portraying Darwin as an atheist whose ideas (allied with Communism) were part of a larger project to undermine all religions. Judging by how frequently Yahya"s work is cited on Web forums by Arabs and Muslims, the Turkish author is indeed popular.

2010-01-12 18:45:59

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