The Atlas Of Creation Has Provoked A Huge Reaction In Switzerland

The Atlas of Creation Has Provoked a Huge Reaction in Switzerland!

On 3 and 4 May, 2007, Blick, one of Switzerland’s largest newspapers, carried two reports examining the works of Harun Yahya. The reports concentrated on the impact of those works on the fact of Creation, particularly the Atlas of Creation. In summary, these reports, which emphasized how work on the fact of Creation had risen to the top of the Swiss agenda, contained the following comments: 

Report by Lucas Füglister and Silvana Guanziroli dated 3 May, 2007

         They want to rewrite our schoolbooks!

The Atlas of Creation: An 800-page book against Darwin’s evolutionary teachings

There are those who wish to reproduce also in Switzerland what the creationists have achieved in some states of the USA: Creationism must replace the theory of evolution in classrooms. What is more, as a scientific fact in biology books…

Unexpected support for this way of thinking has come from Turkey. According to Le Monde, the Atlas of Creation, published by Global Publishing, has been sent to schools in Western Switzerland. This initiative, belonging to the author Harun Yahya, has come from Istanbul. The book has already been sent to schools in France and Germany.

The Atlas has also been sent to journalists and scientists. The book is 800 pages long and describes why Charles Darwin’s evolutionary teachings are wrong. Life did not evolve, but was created by a Creator.

In the same way, the Earth was also created by God…

Martin Scheidegger, director of the religious groups and sects advisory board, says that Creationism first appeared in the 1970s. Today, creationists are celebrating their successes. Nevertheless, Scheidegger believes, “It is absolutely impossible for Creationism to be placed on the curriculum in Switzerland.”… But is that really the case? The results of a poll in which Science magazine asked people in 34 countries what they thought about the theory of evolution say not. According to the survey, four out of 10 Swiss do not believe in Darwin’s teachings.

Report by Silvana Guanziroli dated 4 May, 2007

The aim behind the Turkish author Harun Yahya sending the Atlas of Creation to Swiss schools is for education to be provided in biology books that is compatible with belief in Creation, not with Darwin‘s theory of evolution.

… Whole Switzerland is now discussing the issue. Heated and emotional…

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