The Bravest Man In The Middle East

FM Talk 101.1, one of the main radio stations broadcasting from the U.S. state of North Carolina, carried a live interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar on February 9, 2010. The radio is listed in the Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred, that is in the top 100 radio show of the country. (You can listen to the full interview from here.) Allan Handelman introduced the interview, conducted by him, from his own web site under the caption “The bravest man in the Middle East” and went on to say:

Adnan Oktar... has been a prominent advocate of Islamic creationism in the creation-evolution debate. More notably, he advocates tolerance by Muslims of other religions, and he publicly denounces anti-semitism and terrorism, which he says are products of Darwinism.

2010-02-19 03:26:09

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