Harun Yahya's Ideas Affect Biology Lessons in Indonesia

At an evolution-themed conference organized by the foundation called Center for Religious & Cross-Cultural Studies, which is a religious research center in Indonesia, on September 2009, the influence of the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar was noted. At the conference it was stated that Harun Yahya has prepared very effective works, which have destroyed Darwinism and materialism, and that the author also has a very big effect in the schools in Indonesia. (You can see the author’s works in Indonesian from here.)

In the conference, part of the information provided about Harun Yahya is as such:

...The most striking reference that firmly opposed to the idea of anti-evolutionism comes from anti-Darwinism, a Turkish, Harun Yahya. The book of Harun Yahya was published with luxurious appearance. This has a good format, printed in quality paper with interesting covers. In addition, his book was translated to Urdu, English, Russian, French and Indonesian languages. The thoughts of Harun Yahya is not only in book form but it can also be found on websites in Indonesian language and all his thinking was quoted by various news agencies of Islam in Indonesia. On the other hand... VCDs of Harun Yahya attacking Darwinism, Materialism and Marxism, which are also sold widely by street vendors in several cities in Indonesia. Harun Yahya spreads this idea and it affects Biology lessons in classes. School teachers accept the idea and teach in the classroom.


2010-08-28 21:35:25

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