Campaign Against The Theory Of Evolution In The Name Of Allah

Tages Anzeiger the German daily of Switzerland published in Zürich, made the Collapse of Darwinism conference series news, which will be held in Switzerland, in its edition dated May 18, 2010. The daily with a circulation of 230.000 noted the news item as follows:

The followers of Harun Yahya... fight against the theory of evolution. For them all terrorists are Darwinists.

Support came for religious Christians – Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is an evil idea for them as well – from an unexpected direction. Many posters placed in Zürich and its surroundings invite the public to the Congress Hall for the big event that will be held on May 28...

Adnan Oktar, known as the pen-name Harun Yahya, has activities throughout the world... Millions of books of the Turkish author were sold and he campaigns against the theory of evolution in the name of Allah...

What is waiting for the audience in May 28? The representatives in the conference will try to prove that the theory of evolution is a lie with technology and scientific theories... Those around Harun Yahya have held many conferences throughout the world. [And now] the whole canton is filled with posters...

2010-06-03 14:50:31

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