Harun Yahya’s Landing On Switzerland

Le Matin, one of the leading French dailies of Switzerland, published the anti-Darwinist activities led by Mr. Adnan Oktar on headline. The article published in May 25 edition of the daily with a circulation of 300.000, was under the title “The Religious Scholar is Landing on Switzerland”:

Europe discovered him in 2007, when he filled the old continent with the Atlas of Creation. A luxury book consisting of approximately 800 pages and 8 kg in weight revealing the fraud of the theory of evolution. Harun Yahya is now preparing to land in Switzerland. It is impossible to walk by without seeing his poster refuting Darwinism: They are everywhere. And they announce the scientific conferences of this religious scholar. Tomorrow in Lausanne. On Wednesday in Geneva. After that on Friday in Zurich.

Specialist at Fribourg Religioscope Institute, Jean-Francois Mayer ...:"His team is relatively small with respect to their strength. But they still achieve to spread his thoughts throughout the world. His books are in all of the Muslim bookstores of Paris and London… In any case, he achieved to procure acceptance for arguments about Creation.”

Harun Yahya, most effective of all Muslim Creationists... Harun Yahya puts almost all the evils in the world on Darwin"s saddle. In one of his interviews (Spiegel, 2008) he says: "Darwin paved the way for Hitler’s and Mussolini"s fascism and Stalin"s communism. All of the terrorists are Darwinists." He adds by mentioning the bloodbath caused by World War I: "Darwin"s dark silhouette is hidden behind the curtain of war.

2010-06-13 14:43:34

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