A Global Prayer For Peace

“A Global Prayer For Peace”, which was attended by the leaders of the three Abrahamic religions, was organized in Jerusalem. Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious functionaries (priests, rabbis and imams) resident in Jerusalem prayed together. The prayer day was also attended by Rabbi Menahem Froman who visited Mr. Adnan Oktar in Istanbul for several times. Mr. Adnan Oktar’s prayer for peace was published on their web sites.

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s statements for "A Global Prayer for Peace”, 26 September 2010

I extend my greetings and love to all our brothers in our beloved Jerusalem, the home of the three revealed faiths and the land of the Prophets. In the same way, I send my love and greetings to all our brothers all over the world who desire peace and beauty through their prayers in this excellent initiative. May Allah cause our longing for peace and brotherhood, the common prayer of us all, to prevail across the world in as short a time as possible, insha’Allah. May Allah accept our honest intentions and endeavors and build true peace in the whole world in the shortest time possible; may He shine the light of His mercy and abundance on the world, insha’Allah.
May Allah join together all believers in peace and brotherhood, in unity and union, insha’Allah. And may He do this in the shortest time possible, insha’Allah. May He inspire all believers to abide by this union and togetherness and cause them to fervently desire it. May Allah cause them to passionately avoid division, and may He cause them to strive day and night for unity and union with love and passion.

May Allah bring about the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) – or the King Messiah awaited by the Jews – and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the two holy figures of the End Times, in the shortest time, insha’Allah. These two holy figures have now come and are at work. May Allah permit us to follow them, insha’Allah. May Allah make them His instruments in completely eliminating strife and corruption from the world and spread the moral values that stem from deep faith in Him, peace and well-being, truth, justice, brotherhood across the world, insha’Allah.

We are living in times when the world needs peace the most, as well as friendship and brotherhood. There is a great intellectual struggle between two opposing poles going on. However, it is not between Muslims on one side and Jews and Christians on the other. Rather, the intellectual struggle is between those who believe in the existence and oneness of Allah, and the unbelievers. To put it another way, we have the believers in the revealed faiths on one hand and the ideologies that oppose them on the other. It is a fact that forces targeting religion and its moral values have combined all the means at their disposal and are acting in alliance against believers. There is only one way to neutralize this alliance in the intellectual sense, to eliminate the negative and destructive consequences of irreligious materialist conditioning and to build societies in which moral virtue, happiness, peace, security and well-being prevail: for people of good conscience across the worlds, for genuinely devout Christians, Jews and Muslims to unite around this common objective.

It is of the greatest importance for Christians, Jews and Muslims, who share many common beliefs, religious observances and moral values, to unite in the face of common dangers, to wage a joint intellectual struggle against atheism, materialism, Darwinism, hatred of religion and social and moral degeneration, and to work hand in hand to spread proper moral virtues across the world. All sincere Jews, Christians and Muslims of good conscience, who support reconciliation, common sense, moral virtue, peace and justice have an ethical responsibility to heed this call.

As members of the three revealed faiths, we all believe in the same Allah, we all abide by the moral virtues commanded by our Lord and strive to disseminate these. Let us all love Allah, our Creator and Lord, let us obey His commands and build peace. Let us pray that Allah will make us His instruments in constructing the dominion of true faith and the spirit of love and affection. When Muslims, Christians and Jews coalesce in this way, when they realize they are all friends and not enemies, when they see that atheism and irreligion is the intellectual system they should really be fighting against, then the world will be a very different place, insha’Allah. The conflicts, disagreements, fears and violence that have been going on for years will come to an end, and believers in the one and only Allah will enjoy a new civilization to be constructed on the basis of love, peace and respect, insha’Allah.

I greet you all with love. I pray that Allah will reveal His acceptance of these prayers of ours in the shortest time possible and that He will shine His glory, light and salvation on the world.

2010-10-19 13:39:51

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