Evolution Conference At The University Of Queen Mary

MuslimYouth League (MYL), established to provide Islamic education to the youth by Dr. Muhammad Tarih al-Kadri in England, gave information about the conferences called “Evolution Deceit, Fact of Creation” held by Harun Yahya representatives in the University of Queen Mary in London, on their web page dates November 11th, 2010:

The first speaker at Harun Yahya’s team, Fatih Sen, presented an interesting slide show explaining the theory of evolution and the Islamic view about this subject. Fatih Sen noted that humanity cannot form through a series of coincidences: Humanity is created by Allah. In addition, Sen told that even a single cell in human body is more complex than a city and there are more than one trillion cells in human body.

Several parts of human body were shown to the audience. Sen said that all of the organelles in the eye have to co-exist simultaneously and if a single part does not work, there would be no sight.

The last speaker, Mr. Emin Koc pointed out that dictators such as Hitler and Stalin who adopted the theory of evolution of Darwin who saw human beings as animals, have led a massacre.

2011-01-20 16:20:49

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