The Collapse Of Darwinism And The Morality Of The Quran

Azadliq Radiosu, one of Azerbaijan’s long-established radios broadcasting in 28 languages in Europe, Caucasia, Middle Asia and Middle East countries and with more than 35 million listeners, published an item titled "Darwinism and the Morality of the Quran" on December 20th, 2010. In the item, information about the conference held by the Social Union of the Spiritual Progress of the Youth using the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar was provided. At the conference attended by around 300 people the invalidity of the theory of evolution was explained in the light of scientific evidences and examples of the disasters brought to humanity by social darwinism implementations were provided. It was also noted at the conference that this oppression that constituted as a result of Darwinism can only be eliminated by implementing the morality of the Quran. (You can reach images and pictures of the conference from here.)

2011-02-15 03:33:09

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