Harun Yahya, Voice Of Creationism Carried His Struggle To France

Saphir News, one of the most visited news sites of France, published a news item titled “Harun Yahya, Voice of Creationism, Carried His Struggle to France” on January 13th, 2011. In the item which devoted a place to an interview held with Mr. Adnan Oktar in the past months, the importance of the conferences about “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation”, “The Miracles of the Quran” and “Islam is the Religion of Peace” organized at the five big cities of France (Paris, Nantes, Marsilya, Lyon, Strasbourg) between the dates 14-20 January 2011, was also drawn attention to. In addition, it is noted in the item that Adnan Oktar will attend the conferences through video-conference and that there is free entrance to all conferences and a fossil exhibition will be held as well.

In the item it is also described why Mr. Adnan Oktar places so much importance on France. It is stated that the author thinks that the Works of Charles Darwin made French scientists evolutionists in the Age of Enlightenment and thus considers France as the root of evolutionist ideas.

In the item, which draws attention to the fact that conferences about these subjects were organized for the first time by Harun Yahya in France, these statements appeared in:

“Harun Yahya became an indispensible figure about scientific matters in the Quran with his works.”

“Harun Yahya is essentially known for his struggle against evolutionist thesis. A special section of every one of his many books is reserved to uncover the dangers of the belief in evolution.”

“Harun Yahya is a self-imposed intellectual. He is not a religious scholar or a scientist, he defines himself as a servant of Allah.”

“According to Harun Yahya and his team, their duty is to eliminate evolutionist ideas from the face of the world.”

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